In Case of Emergency: The Anderson Household's Guide to Brewing Coffee

This method makes the best coffee Dave & I have ever tasted. I'm more of a tea person, but I make the coffee at the same time as I make my tea most mornings, since I'm the morning person of the two.

What you need:

  • .5 liters of filtered water
  • 30-35 grams of coffee beans
  • Water heater with temperature control
  • Kitchen scale
  • French press
  • Spoon

If the coffee beans aren't already ground (and in a perfect world, they shouldn't be), grind them, just slightly more fine than medium. It's useful to set the ground beans receptacle as 0 on the kitchen scale for an easy check on whether or not you have ground enough. I find that the "6" amount on the dial usually (but not always, it's a tempermental beast) gives the right amount of ground coffee.

Add ground coffee to french press.

Heat filtered water (at least .5L) in the water heater to 200°F.

Pour hot water over ground beans in french press. For one cup of coffee, french press should be about halfway full. DO NOT STIR (YET).

Wait 4 minutes.

Stir coffee and use spoon to lift any grounds floating on the surface into the trash.

Wait 5 minutes.

Push press plunger down until it is just below the surface of the grounds-and-coffee mixture.

Pour coffee.