Saga, Vol. 6 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples


So, I read what was at the time all of Saga that existed back when Vol. 5 came out, back in, dear god, 2012, and then completely failed to pick up the series against because honestly, I'm horrible at keeping up with comics. I'm actually horrible at keeping up with new releases in general. I grew up getting whatever books were available at my local library, which were mostly older series that were already completed. I only knew about new releases in series that I was following when they showed up on the "new" shelf of the library. If they never showed up on that shelf? They effectively didn't exist for this young book dragon. I was reading 3-4 books a week and got $10 in allowance once a month. I couldn't have afforded to buy even a fraction of the books I was reading... and still have money left over for candy for movie nights at my friends houses. Priorities. Middle school priorities. 

But anyway! I finally remembered that Saga is a thing! I've got a ton of volumes to catch up on, and I could not be more pleased. Volume 6 in this amazing series continues to tell a real and human story with aliens that have horns, aliens that have wings, and aliens that have TVs for heads. Even though I'm familiar with the style of the story, volume 6 still continues to surprise and delight with its multi-layered story, and continues to absolutely astound me with its beautiful artwork. I absolutely love this series, and can't wait to get caught up on everything that I've been missing.

I would absolutely recommend this to anybody. Just, you know, do yourself a favor and start with Volume 1.

5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.